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5 Health Benefits of IV Therapy

APRIL 2023 | Dr. Ashley Southern

IV therapy and its long list benefits are quickly gaining traction, as more recent healthcare events have proven it’s efficacy for numerous concerns and conditions. It harnesses the natural power of the vitamins, minerals, fluids, and antioxidants our bodies innately need to function optimally. IVs allow for higher concentrations of these nutrients to be injected directly into the bloodstream, which is what makes IV therapy more effective than dietary choices or oral supplements. 

The Advantages of Bypassing the Digestive System with IV Therapy

By delivering the nutrients directly into the bloodstream, IV treatments completely bypass the digestive system. This means that not only are the nutrients entering the system faster than when consumed orally, but ensures that 100% of the nutrients are absorbed and delivered as an immediate source of fuel to the cells and enzymes. Many people report feeling the beneficial effects of IV treatments right away.

‍Because it skips the digestive system, IV therapy can offer significant nutritional support to those with malabsorption conditions including inflammation, Crohn’s disease, colitis, cystic fibrosis, and IBS.

The Benefits of IV Therapy

There are many different types of IV treatments available, all with their own set of benefits and uses. Some treatments, like a traditional “Meyer’s cocktail,” offers a blend of essential vitamins and minerals; others offer singular, higher concentrated dosages of nutrients like vitamin C, D, or glutathione. Each unique recipe impacts the body at a cellular level in a multitude of ways, from improving metabolism, reversing symptoms related to dehydration, improving wound healing and recovery, and can even help with hangovers.

This article will focus on five key benefits most common IV treatments offer that can significantly impact your health and improve your quality of life.

1. Improves Mood and Boosts Energy

There are many factors that can negatively impact our mood, energy levels, and cause chronic fatigue. These include (but are not limited to) dehydration, sleep dysfunction, anemia, electrolyte imbalances, B12 deficiencies, thyroid dysfunction, depression, dietary choices, stress, and many more. ‍

Nutrients like B complex, B12, and NAD are natural energy boosters. They improve cellular function by replenishing depleted energy stores. They help cells break down crucial nutrients and convert them into fuel more efficiently, which can greatly improve energy. Selenium supports thyroid hormone production, which can help regulate mood. Inositol is a well-known hormone regulator, and can reduce anxiety and depression. B vitamins, especially B12, can help increase red blood cell production, which can improve symptoms related to anemia, including fatigue and weakness.

‍IV treatments that contain key nutrients that help improve mood regulation and boost energy include Meyer’s, Super Meyer’s, Meyer’s Plus, B12 shots, Fat Burner, and NAD IVs.

2. Boosts the Immune System

Vitamins and antioxidants like vitamin C, vitamin D, glutathione, zinc, and lysine are powerhouses for boosting immune function. They help to improve detoxification pathways by metabolizing toxins and protect the body from free radicals—naturally-occurring molecules highly associated with causing oxidative stress on cells, which can result in heart disease, depression, and cancer. Vitamin C, D, and zinc help to strengthen the immune system by combating infection. Lysine and glutathione are particularly significant anti-viral antioxidants known to fight chronic viruses. Glutathione is also a particularly effective aid at the detoxification process occurring everywhere in the body.

IV treatments that can help support and strengthen immune function include Meyer’s, Super Meyer’s, Meyer’s Plus, high dose vitamin C bags, vitamin D shots, and glutathione bags.

3. Promotes Cardiovascular Health

IV therapy can help support and improve cardiovascular function. Certain treatments have been seen to help relax blood vessels and lower blood pressure. Nutrients like B12, calcium, and magnesium can help improve blood flow by regulating the contraction and dilation of blood vessels.

Studies show that electrolytes can improve blood volume and increase cardiac output. L-carnitine, a chemical naturally produced in the body, helps lower cholesterol and improve circulation. Improved cardiovascular health not only significantly impacts the overall health of the entire body, but also has been seen to improve symptoms related to sexual dysfunction, mood regulation, and athletic performance and endurance.

Chelation IV therapy has a particular proclivity for arteriosclerosis  as well as heavy metal toxicity, making it an innovative treatment for cardiovascular diseases and removal of heavy metals from organs.

Other IV treatments that can help promote cardiovascular health include Meyer’s Plus, Super Meyer’s Plus, Fat Burner, and B12 shots.

4. Reduces Symptoms Related to Aging

There are many ways in which various IV treatments can help to support or slow down some of the symptoms associated with aging. Vitamin infusions containing zinc sulfate can help encourage cellular regeneration, which aids in repairing damaged cells and replacing cells that have died naturally.

NAD encourages DNA repair, boosts energy by increasing ATP production, reduces inflammation, and improves focus and mental clarity. Taurine can help protect cells against DNA damage. Glutathione and vitamin C encourages skin cell regeneration and collagen production, which promotes the health and appearance of skin and can reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles. B complex, B12, calcium, magnesium sulfate, and trace minerals help to strengthen bones and can support symptoms related to osteoporosis. 

‍IV treatments that can help support and mitigate symptoms associated with aging include Meyer’s, Meyer’s Plus, vitamin C bags, B12 shots, glutathione bags, and NAD IVs.

5. Improves Cognitive Function

Many IV nutrients are known to support cognitive function and brain development. Vitamin C and choline encourage neural signalling and neurotransmitter production. Choline is also highly associated with improving neural functions like memory, recall, focus, mental clarity, verbal reasoning, and math skills.

Additionally, B complex, B12, and B6 promotes healthy brain cell maintenance. L-carnitine can help support brain dysfunction and help regulate symptoms related to ADHD. NAD can improve focus and mental clarity. Studies show that inositol has been seen to reduce symptoms related to Alzheimer’s, OCD, PTSD, and bipolar disorder.

IV treatments that can help improve cognitive function support brain health include Meyer’s, Meyer’s Plus, Super Meyer’s Plus, vitamin C bags, B12 shots, Super B shots, Fat Burner, and NAD IVs.

Closing Thoughts on IV Therapy

IV therapy can be a natural and powerful tool in boosting your health and giving your body the nutrition and hydration it needs. It is an effective, safe, and more natural alternative to many other conventional methods. These five benefits are just a small sample of the many benefits IV therapy for just about any medical condition. If you are considering whether IV treatments are right for you, book your consultation with a team member at Nascent Health for a personalized assessment!